QEDIT for Spreadsheets

Whether you are looking to identify overlapping customers for a potential M&A or need to make sure your new supplier isn’t on a trusted partner’s blocklist, QEDIT for Spreadsheets is a simple data comparison add-on that enables businesses to swiftly spot matching records on separate spreadsheets, without violating privacy regulations or exposing confidential lists.  


QEDIT for Spreadsheets allows customers to leverage QEDIT’s privacy-enhancing technology platform using familiar office suite software as their interface.


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Certification Management

Technology and service providers rely heavily on human capital to deliver results, but skills tracking and verification have been significantly impaired by privacy regulations that prevent qualifying bodies from sharing certification data.


QEDIT’s privacy-enabled Certification Auditing platform helps companies  match and verify certification and employment data to facilitate enhanced management of alliance partnerships and robust market growth.

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Fraud Detection

Insurance companies invest tremendous resources in fraud detection solutions that analyze siloed data, but they’re at a loss when it comes to tracking fraudulent activity that’s only detectable when information is shared across organizations.


Our privacy-enhanced Fraud Detection service compares, matches and verifies encrypted data submitted by competing insurers to identify duplicate claims, while protecting user privacy and safeguarding sensitive business data.

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Financial Crime Risk Management

Despite the adoption of sophisticated AI and data analytics tools, criminals routinely operate under the radar by conducting illicit activities across many institutions and jurisdictions, effectively reducing their footprint with any individual bank or financial organization.  


Our Financial Crime Risk Management platform utilizes ZKPs and other cryptographic techniques to help financial institutions enhance KYC and CDD processes with new risk indicators, monitor transactions and conduct investigations, while maintaining full ownership over users’ personally identifiable information (PII). 

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Privacy on Blockchains

No enterprise can explore the potential of distributed ledger technology (DLT) — trust-minimized business models, meaningful efficiency gains, and enhanced security — without an effective privacy layer to protect confidential data when assets are transferred.  


QEDIT’s ZKP-based Private Asset Transfer solution keeps sensitive information safe and out of competitors’ hands, regardless of whether you’re using DLT to track provenance on a supply chain or to improve the speed and integrity of a financial network.


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Core Features of QEDIT

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Seamless Integration

Leave the cryptography to us while you focus on your company’s application layer, business logic, and user experience.

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Standard Compliant Cryptography

Use robust privacy solutions that adhere to technical specifications defined by ZKProof, NIST, IETF and HES.

Icons- Blockchain and databases
Database/DLT Agnostic

Give your team optimal flexibility in choosing the database infrastructure or blockchain stack that’s most suitable for your use case.

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Enterprise-Grade Privacy

Increase efficiency and reduce costs with a high-performance, scalable solution for cloud or self-hosted environments.

full data ownership
Full Data Ownership

Eliminate the risk of data leaks and ensure that raw, private data never leaves your computer or company servers.

Bridging the gap between academia and industry

Founded and led by a world-class team of accomplished entrepreneurs, researchers and developers, QEDIT has assembled an esteemed group of scientific advisors that includes renowned experts in ZKP systems and advanced cryptography from leading institutions around the globe.

Setting cryptographic industry standards

QEDIT is a founding member and active contributor to the open-industry ZKProof.org standardization effort. Our solutions adhere to ZKProof-recommended specifications.


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