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Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) are a cryptographic method by which one party is able to prove to another party that a statement is true, without revealing any underlying data or information beyond the validity of the statement itself. Check out this article for a fun example that illustrates how ZKPs work.

QEDIT’s technology provides privacy guarantees that help companies leverage their data so they can share insights, maximize efficiency gains, solve core business challenges and preserve privacy. Our solutions can be deployed on top of enterprise blockchains or legacy systems for a broad range of verticals including:


Banking: enable confidential remittances on distributed ledgers

Securities Trading: accelerate clearing and settlement and provide financial privacy

Trade Finance: facilitate new types of privacy-enhanced marketplaces for trade loans

Human Resources: track staff qualifications without sharing personally identifiable information (PII) 

Supply Chain: ensure product provenance and preserve the privacy of trade activity

Insurance: prevent multi-claim and application fraud without exposing user data

Fintech: share KYC insights with business partners while upholding compliance with data privacy regulations 



Depending on the use case and customer requirements, QEDIT’s solution can be cloud-based,  self-hosted, or deployed on-premise. Contact us to learn more about the best deployment for your use case.

QEDIT’s platform is blockchain-agnostic and compatible with a number of public and permissioned blockchains. Currently supported stacks include: Quorum, Ethereum, VMware, and Nexledger.  The following stacks will be supported in the near future: Hyperledger, Ant Financial and Corda. Support for additional stacks can be added/prioritized according to customer needs.

Privacy is in our DNA, so you can rest assured that we never have access to your confidential data, even during the initial setup. In addition, our solution can be deployed on-premise or in a self-hosted environment to give your business maximum control over private information.


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