QEDIT’s enterprise solutions

A privacy-first approach to solving industry-wide challenges surrounding the use of shared data.


Cross-Organizational Intelligence Sharing

In today’s global and online markets, enterprises are increasingly looking to benefit from cross-organizational intelligence sharing and broader access to industry-wide risk indicators in their efforts to identify fraud, prevent crime, increase efficiency, and remain competitive.  Yet businesses are naturally reluctant to share confidential information which would expose them to potential data leaks or penalties for violating privacy protection laws. Indeed, compromising data ownership can be extremely costly in terms of lost business, legal fees, regulatory fines and reputational harm.

QEDIT’s intelligence sharing platform is ideal for insurance companies, financial institutions and technology and service providers that are compelled to engage in cross-organizational collaboration in order to meet KPIs and advance specific commercial objectives. 


Powered by privacy-enhancing techniques that include secure multiparty computation and homomorphic encryption,  QEDIT’s cross-organizational intelligence sharing platform facilitates the comparison, analysis and matching of records from private data sets without sharing the data sets themselves.  The patented technology guarantees that raw, confidential business data never leaves your company servers, and that you remain the sole owner of your private data at all times, even as comparisons and matches are processed by QEDIT servers.


QEDIT’s scalable and highly-secure cloud-hosted platform is seamlessly integrated with existing database management systems, and includes a customizable dashboard that helps companies access and visualize intelligent insights derived from comparative data analyses.  The feature-rich platform supports real-time notifications, advanced reporting and more.


QEDIT for Spreadsheets

Designed to enhance the accessibility of advanced privacy tools, QEDIT for Spreadsheets is a simple, data comparison add-on that leverages the same robust technology underlying QEDIT’s enterprise-level, cross-organizational intelligence sharing platform.  Using QEDIT for Spreadsheets, two or more companies can instantaneously identify matching cells from separate spreadsheets, without sharing confidential lists, exposing raw data sets or violating privacy regulations. QEDIT for Spreadsheets is ideal for companies who want to use a familiar office interface and off-the-shelf productivity software to gain insights from other members of their ecosystem.  

Private Asset Transfer

Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), like blockchain, have kickstarted an era of paradigm-shifting possibilities that enable significant efficiency gains across many industries and verticals. However, transparency on blockchains is a major barrier to adoption — transferring digital assets on a financial network, or tracking tokenized goods along a supply chain ledger, is not practical without a robust privacy layer that preserves transactional privacy and protects business interests.

QEDIT’s Private Asset Transfer Solution keeps transactional details off enterprise blockchains. The platform is compatible with any blockchain stack and powered by a horizontally scalable proof generation service comprised of cloud or self-hosted nodes that are owned and operated by companies in a blockchain consortium. Whenever assets are issued or moved, the transactor’s node generates a zero-knowledge proof that attests to the integrity of the transaction, while other nodes on the network are able to validate the correctness of the proof. A QEDIT-secured blockchain stores a history of all the proofs generated, rather than the raw transactional details that underlie asset transfers.


Proof generation nodes can host an unlimited number of wallets from which users can send and receive assets. They also support a range of features including atomic swaps for instant settlement, receipt issuance to confirm incoming transfers, the ability to assign an asset type to newly-issued tokens, and advanced auditing tools to facilitate regulatory compliance.


A powerful user management console provides a graphical interface for operators to monitor and review their own transaction histories, and keep tabs on their node’s performance and throughput. Developers can also utilize QEDIT’s SDK and API to interact with their node and create feature-rich applications.

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