QEDIT for Fraud Detection

Identify double dipping fraud by leveraging private data in your ecosytem

QEDIT helps you expand your fraud detection capabilities through secure data collaboration. Safely use third-party data, protected by privacy-enhancing technology, to identify more instances of fraud, save time and reduce costs.


Key Benefits
Detect Fraud

Swiftly identify duplicate use of claims and invoice data before payments are issued

Reduce Costs

Minimize time and resources spent on investigations while maximizing fraud detection

Mitigate Risk

Expand your investigative capacity to detect more suspicious accounts

Accelerate Growth

Translate cost savings into more competitive premiums and lower fees

Key Features

Acquire actionable insights from other organizations, without divulging sensitive information


Comparing and matching records with other members of your ecosystem — including competitors — is the only surefire way to detect the recycling of insurance claims and commercial invoices for nefarious purposes. QEDIT helps you discover duplicate use of these assets, without violating data privacy regulations or requiring companies to divulge sensitive information that must be kept private for legal or business reasons.


Select matching criteria according to your fraud detection requirements


Launch your collaboration in minutes using a customizable workflow template that enables you and other participants to select and compare relevant records, such as account names, invoice/claim IDs, dates/values that appear on relevant documents, etc.


Receive live alerts and generate reports when duplicate claims/invoices are revealed


Cross-reference your data against older records on a rolling basis to facilitate real-time notifications of potentially criminal activity. Automated, early detection of fraud prevents losses and dramatically reduces the time and cost of investigations.

What is Privacy-Enhancing Technolog (PET)?

QEDIT employs robust Privacy-Enhancing Technology, leveraging advanced cryptographic techniques, to enable the analysis and sharing of insights without exposing the underlying data itself.


What leading authorities say about PET:

“crucial for the next stages of the data economy”


– The European Commission


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“[enables] previously unimaginable opportunities”


–  The World Economic Forum


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“eliminate(s) the collection of personal data”


– US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand


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How it Works
Launch a Project

Select a workflow template and define rules to govern your collaboration

Invite Participants

Set up your private network and invite partners to begin collaborating


Match, compute and verify encrypted data without sharing sensitive information

Monetize Insights

Translate insights from your partners’ data into new revenue and cost-saving opportunities