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As a QEDIT partner, you can offer state-of-the art privacy-enhancing technology, including zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) cryptography, to help businesses safely transact and share insights based on proprietary data.


Your customers will be able to mitigate risk, avoid data breaches, steer clear of penalties resulting from regulatory violations, and achieve other business objectives, without sacrificing productivity or privacy.


No matter what problem you’re trying to solve — keeping sensitive transactional details off blockchains, upholding privacy regulations while verifying identities, or leveraging business data with third parties to fight fraud — we’re with you every step of the journey, from consultation and solution design to integration and deployment.

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Why Partner with QEDIT?

Our privacy-enhancing solutions are compatible with all types of shared databases and DLT infrastructure, and are suitable for any use case that requires information-sharing in a non-trusted environment. We provide hands-on cryptographic expertise so you can allocate R&D resources effectively, while staying focused on your core business.


Our partner program is centered around knowledge, education and collaboration. You will have a designated account manager, and routine access to a professional services engineer to help you implement zero-knowledge proofs and other privacy-enhancing techniques into your solution portfolio. 

Key Benefits

Broaden Your Portfolio

Offer next-generation, innovative tools and products to help your enterprise customers harness the value of their data, without compromising their privacy.

Accelerate Production

Swiftly provide best-in-class privacy solutions by integrating our production-ready technology directly into your code.

Reduce R&D Costs

Utilize our API and native client SDK and avoid spending on in-house development of complex privacy schemes.

Bolster Your Reputation

Deliver trusted solutions that comply with emerging industry standards, and are backed by a world-renowned team of cryptographers and industry experts.

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